Reliability despite concentrated power in the tightest space.

It is the high power density, the customer-friendly operation, the robustness as well as the ease of maintenance, which characterize the mobile hydraulics. These characteristics are also demanded of the hydraulic components, which are utilized in the applications in the mobile sector.

Wandfluh, manufacturer for many years of a broad range of hydraulic valves and driving electronics well proven in the mobile sector. – Wandfluh, the ideal partner for the implementation of your application.

    * Robustness
    * Compactness
    * High reliability
    * Long service life


    * Spool valves
    * Poppet valves
    * Flow valves
    * Pressure valves
    * Proportional valves
    * Driving electronics
    * Valves with integrated electronics


    * Hydraulic valves (up to 350 bar / 230 l/min)
    * Digital driving electronics
    * Hydraulic valves with integrated electronics and field bus
    * Individual customer-specific adaptations
    * Many years of experience
    * Manufacturer of high-grade Swiss quality products


    * Holding and controlled lowering of loads free of oil leakage
    * Fan drive speed control
    * Access platform control
    * Pover – and speed control
    * Axes control
    * Bucket steering
    * Grinding of railway rails
    * Drilling of stone

Wandfluh Mobile Applications