Cartridge M42 Overview

Cartridges M42 program

  • Are utilised where high/large volume flows have to be checked and controlled
  • Sensitively adjustable thanks to low hysteresis
  • High repeatability
  • For actuating Wandfluh proportional amplifiers and controllers are available
  • Good corrosion resistance


  • Proportional spool valves
  • Proportional pressure valves
  • Proportional flow valves

Electronic connections

  • DIN
  • Deutsch
  • Junior Timer


Register Description of products Type Size
1.10.2410 Proportional spool valve cartridge WVPPM42 M42
2.3-590 Proportional pressure relief cartridge pilot operated BVPPM42 M42
2.3-690 Proportional-Druckregelpatrone vorgesteuert MVPPM42 M42
2.3-690 Proportional pressure reducing cartridge pilot operated QNPPM42 M42
2.6-695 Prop. 3-way flow control cartridge (slip-on-coil) QDPPM42 M42