Catalog Section 1.11 – Solenoid Operated Poppet Valves

Advantages of the new screw-in cartridge type solenoid operated poppet valve cartridges.

Note that we now have a complete offering of the ISO Screw-In Poppet type cartridges in 18mm 22mm, and 33mm metric thread sizes.  These are comparable in performance to our highly successful drop-in style poppet cartridges, but offer the designer the following advantages needed on many applications:  See section 1.11- pages 2050E through 2078E in your latest volume 14 general catalog. (Updated Volume 15 should be available by May).

1.    Furnished with the mobile equipment type “Slip-On” solenoids.  This allows for faster installation and service, and means much reduced space required on a manifold, thus less bar stock material.(aluminum or steel) is required.

2.    Solenoids offered in two styles: with  steel cases, or the more economical molded plastic cases, with either ISO (hirschman type) or the more economical AMP type electrical connectors.  Also, popular options such as dual leads, explosion proof solenoids (ATEX approved),or weatherproof  solenoids (to IP67) can be specified.

3.    Pressure balanced   spool-poppet design allows for blocked or fully open flow in both directions, in  both 2-way  or 3 way models.  All ports may be fully pressurized.

4.    All solenoid  types come standard with push type manual over rides.

5.    Metric Threads have proven to be more resistant to “backing off” due to pressure spikes and vibration on aluminum material manifold applications.

6.    .A 33mm high flow rated 2 way normally closed or open model that also blocks or flows in both directions is now available in the new SVSPM33 series.  This valve is rated to 120 liters/min and 5000 psi.

7.    ISO ported bodies are available in hi- strength aluminum rated to 3500 psi with SAE or NPT  ports, or in steel bodies rated to 5000 psi with BSP ports.

8.    We invite requests for quote on your complete combo valve and integrated hydraulics needs.

9.    For those of you who design and produce your manifolds and combo valve housings, you’ll be pleased to know that the 18mm, 22mm 2 and 3-way direct operated,  and the new 33MM  2-way cartridges (both NC & NO) use the standard cavities and form tools as our very popular flow control & throttle valve cartridges.  The 3-way 3 ported models use the same cavities and form tools as our reducing and relieving valve cartridges.

10. All the usual Wandfluh options such as selection of seal materials, CRES treatment, non-Standard voltages, non standard over rides, are also available on these models.

Ed V. Askey
Updated 2/17/09