VWS Series Proportional Solenoid Valve

VWS Series of Proportional Solenoid Directional Valves with Integral Pressure Compensation in C1 and C2 actuator ports.

Refer to catalog Data Sheet 1.10-06E ; 1.10-11E, and 1.10-20E (www.wandfluh-us.com) for complete details on this long time successful series.  These proportional valves feature a unique design that internally converts P to C1 or C2 flow to full range pressure compensation, thus sandwich flow controls, in-line flow controls or electronic feedbacks are not required to maintain desired flow rates set by the proportional solenoids, regardless of changes in load pressure. 

They are excellent choices for fluid motor drive circuits, rotary actuators, or large bore equal displacement cylinders, when highly accurate and extremely fast reaction is not a critical requirement, but load and flow rates may vary and a good degree of repeatable and stable flow rate is needed.  Examples are fluid motor driven conveyors, winches, boat propellers, fluid pumps, and self propelled fluid motor driven vehicles.

Since the pressure compensation occurs as “meter out” of the cylinder or motor ports, this also prevents “actuator runaway” (free wheeling) usually eliminates the need for counterbalance valves, and allows smoother low shock braking of he motor.

Response times will be necessarily slower than on direct acting non pressure compensated proportional valves, and pressure drops will be higher, but repeatability will still be in the area of +/- 2%, and low minimum flow rates can be achieved.  See data pages for performance curves on flow rate adjustment vs. current input, and pressure compensated flow rates vs. working pressure.

Ed V. Askey