Wandfluh “All Everything” Explosion Proof Solenoid, Series MKY45/18×60

The Wandfluh Explosion Proof Solenoid Model MKY/18×60  is now fully integrated into our catalog and is available on most NG4 and NG6 size solenoid operated spool directional valves, NG4 and NG6 poppet  valves, NG10, NG16, and NG25 pilot operated spool valves and many proportional valves.   Click on this link for the latest Data page 1.1-183E on this solenoid assembly. Features include: Meets IP67 Intl. Protection Code when a brass cable gland is installed (included on valve assemblies), is rated also “Flameproof” see Data Sheet, the machined steel housing is zinc/nickel coated, if powered by AC voltage an integrated rectifier is installed.  The Seitz Explosion Proof solenoids, used by Wandfluh for many years are in the process of being phased out

All our explosion proof valves have ATEX certification, IECEX certification, and GOST certification.  We find that the ATEX and IECEx certifications in particulr are becoming ever more acceptable to US & Canadian applications particularly since many systems are being built to ship to other  parts of the world. Enclosed is our latest press release on the GOST Certification.

To access a collection of data sheets of our explosion proof product offering please click the following link:

In cases where UL/CSA certification is required we are still offering the Seitz UL Class 1, Div 2 coil.  Additionally we’re in the process of introducing a MSA explosion proof coil certified to UL standard 1203, Class 1, Div 1.  Availability of specific valve types with theses coils will need to be evaluated for availability.

Ed V. Askey