Pneumatic Pilot Operated High Pressure Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

Reference:  Catalog Section 1.6-15E thru 40E for spool type, Catalog Section 1.11-6005-thru 1.11-6160E for poppet type

This style of valve control (actuator) is often overlooked by customers and distributors as a choice for control of hydraulic directional valves employed in hazardous locations where electric power cannot practically be used, such as in tunnel drilling, underground mining, oil refineries, pipeline installations, compressed gas transportation and distribution, and chemical production and transportation.

It is important to note that this type of hydraulic control valve is not always readily available from many hydraulic valve manufacturers, or not offered in a range of sizes, spool/poppet types, CRES treatments, seal selection, and other desirable options such as manual overrides, or housing styles.  Further, our prices are usually competitive with competitors’ product if they are even available.. (Note: several of our steady customers on these items are Vickers distributors).

All the standard Wandfluh directional valve performance features such as lowest internal leakages, balanced poppet design (block or flow in both directions) rate to 5000 psi duty, available in 4 standard sizes, cartridge or sub-plate mounted body styles, are standard on the pneumatic pilot versions also e.g. spools, poppets, seals, end plates, housing, etc, are parts used in the same size, such as solenoid operated, oil pilot operated, etc.

Most standard items can be delivered in 2 to 4 weeks, ARO; options such as viton seals, tite-fit spools, zinc plated housings, etc., in 4-6 weeks.

Please see data pages 1.6-30E (3 sides) on the NG6 (D03) size Spool type model, and 1.11-6140E (2 sides) on the NG6 (D03) poppet type Model.

Ed V. Askey