Section 1.1 – Manual Override

Wandfluh Solenoid Operated Control Valve.

Unique, often required product option –Extended Manual Over ride Assembly

Re: Catalog Section 1.1               .

All Wandfluh solenoid Operated Valves come standard with Manual Over ride Assemblies.  Most designs are with push pin type over ride assemblies that screw into the end of the solenoid housing, but soft shift models and poppet type on-off models with come standard with an air bleed plug assembly as these models usually require air bleeding of the pressure tube upon installation or service.  The push pin can be installed in lieu of the air bleed type on special option.  See data sheets 1.1-300E, and 1.1-310E in general catalog section 1.1 – solenoids or on website. 

Note that the manual over ride assemblies offer a selection of push pin types for spring offset and release, or air bleed (1.1-300E), and push, spring return and detent (1.1-310E).

The push, spring return and detent can also be supplied with special options such as push type knob, over sized knob, extended shaft, and push – pull stem.  A manual push/release screw-in assembly will extend 38 mm from the solenoid housing, the push and twist stem is 13 mm round, and its surface is gnarled to keep a thumb or finger end from slipping when it is pushed.

The push pin in the assembly is of stainless steel, the male nipple and the housing are of brass.  The seals are viton 75 shore. The protection code rating is IP65.  The air bleed plug is of steel, zinc plated, IP rating is IP67.  The H series of manual over rides are often specified for solenoid operated valve systems on Offshore Marine, Oil Refining and Mining Applications.

Note that the screw-in manual over ride assembly design is also used on Wandfluh Proportional Solenoids, and Explosion Proof Solenoids; in fact we also provide these to several other firms involved in the Fluid Power Industry. 

Ed V. Askey