Active applications for Wandfluh Hydraulic Valves on Mobile Equipment

We often hear the complaint that “your valves are excellent, but too expensive to apply on Mobile Equipment.” For some applications this may be so and we don’t try to lead you into a battle you won’t win. But Wandfluh does have many successes on mobile equipment applications; it all depends on what operational requirements the user needs, and how badly are they needed. For example, we offer catalog standard flow control valves that can accurately adjust flow rates to as low as 1 cubic inch per minute, pressures down to 15 psi, hold loads with metal to metal poppets down to 3-4 drops per minute, and offer type 316L stainless steel housings and 17-4 spools and threaded adjustments., We can supply solenoid operated valves with virtually any variety of current or voltage, prepare internal parts and seals to operate with a variety of fluids (both internally or externally), combine functions to perform multiple tasks in one assembly, offer a variety of sizes or adapters to fit both international or local dimensions, flanges and thread sizes. We can combine a variety of components into one main assembly of all the required components to perform intricate functions and sequences; and offer remote proportional electronic control of all the required movements or positions. If the user’s design requires the above product and system capability, all these features and functions are no more expensive from Wandfluh then they would be from other capable suppliers; in fact, they are often less expensive from Wandfluh.

Here are some successful applications on or with mobile equipment that Wandfluh offers

1.  Proportional Solenoid Operated Pressure Compensated Control valves.  Will maintain predetermined pressure and flow rate regardless of varying loads on the hydraulic actuators. Typical applications: directional control of fluid motor driven platform loaders, man lifts, conveyors, and fluid pumps. Examples: Aircraft Freight and Baggage Loaders and Transporters; sewer and water pumping systems.

2.  High Flow Rate Solenoid Operated Poppet Valve Cartridges, 2 way normally open or normally closed, block or flow in either direction. This valve can be mounted in-line, or on cylinder head so actuators and can be shut off or opened on signal in either direction.  Examples: Dump Truck Cylinder Lift, Hold (no drift), or Lower; control system to switch fluid motor drive system motors from series circuit to parallel circuit; Crane Outrigger Control position and hold and hold; Fluid Motor Driven Winch or anchor Windless control of heavy duty, high flow rate applications.

3.  High Flow Rate D08 (NG25 size) Proportional Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valve, sub-plate mounted, 4 way 2 and 3 position, closed center or motor spools, rated to 66 GPM, 3500 psi. Priced competitively to authorized Wandfluh distributors. Features highly accurate proportional solenoid operated pressure controls to finely tune a notched slave spool. Can also be fitted with ATEX rated explosion proof solenoids. See attached write up and drawing.

4.  Stand alone DSV (digital smart valve) Amplifier, mounts separately from hydraulic control valve, or rail mount D62/63 series amplifiers where dimensions and mounting locations and/or ambient moisture conditions require water (etc) resistant protection to meet international Protection Code IP67. This unit contains all the performance functions and options offered in the DSV and rail mounted models, installed in a sealed but easy to adjust and run-in separately mounted unit. Typical applications are on highway sand and salt spreaders, material transporters/conveyors, food processing and packing lines, waste pick up machines, automated care wash systems, etc.

5.  Automatic four way two position cycling valves, pressure actuated, nonelectric, offered in two sizes, flow rate to 16 GPM, pressures to 4500 psi. This valve will automatically shift when inlet pressure is supplied to the valve, and downstream actuator pressure reaches an pre-adjustable point, then continuously shifts to the opposite actuator port on pre-set signal. No electric actuation is involved; product is heavy duty, capable of multiple millions of cycles. Typical applications are on trash packers, underground mining machines, gas and liquid pressure boosters or compressors, concrete finishers, and pumpers.

Ed V. Askey