Poppet Valve Options Not Shown in the General Catalog

Available on special Quotation

1. Hand Lever Operated, with 2 position Detented Actuator, 2 way and 3 way, normally open or normally closed.  Ask for drawings for model AH32061A-S2017, (NG6 sixe) and AH22101A-S2131 (NG10 size).  Our standard hand operated poppet valves come with spring return only.  Frequently, the application may call for the operator to shift the valve into a holding position and leave it for extended periods.  Application examples: tunnel drilling machines, fork lift attachments, forming presses and clamps, hydraulic actuated shut-off valves.

2. Solenoid operated 2 and 3 way valves with a solenoid operated locking function (detent).  Ask for drawing 1.11-52201E and cutaway drawings on the solenoid detent version, and hand knob operated unlocking.  Applications examples are: vice grips on oil drilling platforms, hydraulic freight elevators, self propelled man lifts. Cranes, etc. (outriggers)

3. Solenoid Operated Poppet Valves with position indication (signals poppet or spool shift).  Available with either mechanical or inductive proximity switches, normally open or normally closed.  See attached drawings.  On equipment located and operated in hazardous areas and sites, there may be official governmental standards or requirements involved.  This is the case in W. Europe on certain machine tools.

Please contract Customer Services at 847-566-5700 for model number and prices. Prices are quantity sensitive.

Ed V. Askey