In-Line High PSI/High Flow Check Valve in DIN Drop-In Cartridge Style

For distributors and users who design and provide High Flow Rated Manifold Assemblies, DIN type drop in check cartridges are available in 16mm, 25mm, 32mm and 42 mm sizes – typical model number is CS32-10-0.6-.05-c7.  The C7 connotes checked flow port B to A, reverse flow port A to B.  This is done internally in the CSxx-10 cartridge, so a very straight forward DIN cavity is easily drilled, and the cartridge is held in its’ cavity with our standard Dxx-420-0.6 blank cover.  See section 1.12, page 230E for the 32mm cartridge, page 1.12-445E for the cover, and attached example titled One Way Check Function.

The cartridges and cover are rated to 5500 psi, and max flow rates to 1200 liters/min. (40mm size), and pressure drops are extremely low.  The C7 option has been available for years, but few manifold designers have noticed it sort of hidden in the data pages.  I have used it with one of our distributor sales engineers on three dredging scows operating noticed it sort of hidden in the data pages.  It was in the New York Harbor area for 8 years, where the max pressure is 5500 psi, with flow rates to 240 GPM. Usually the cost is too high for sizes below 25mm, but more than acceptable when flow rates above 300 liters/min and working pressures are to 5500 psi.

Ed V. Askey