Poppet Valve Options readily Available

1. Roller Cam operated 2 and 3 way poppet style rather than the standard hand operated spool types shown in the catalog data pages 1.5 E. The model number changes to AT from AH, and the standard 2 and 3 way poppet valve numbering is used (see page 1.11-2005E) Example: a Roller Cam Operated 2 way normally closed NG6 model becomes AT22061A 

2. Standard hand Lever Operated, spring return poppet valves can also be provided with a 2 position detent function in NG6 and NG10 sizes.  For NG6 size, add S-2017 at the end of the model number. Example AH22061A-S2017. for NG10 size add S-2131 at the end of model number. Example: AH101a-S2131

3. Solenoid Operated 2 and 3 way poppet valves can be provided with a soft shift armature that will slow the poppet shift function and aid in reducing shock when shifting under load.  Add the number M30 just after the voltage stated. . Example AS22061a-G24-M30  This function will not reduce the shifting shock as well as a spool type soft shift valve does, but it will dampen especially decompression shock.

4. Solenoid Operated 4- way, 3 position Poppet Style, virtual zero leak Directional Valve – NG6 (DO6) sub plate mounted version. When any actuator drift in a hold position is unacceptable, the model AS-4306-AC or DC voltage- can hold virtual zero leak in all 4 pressure ports. Please refer to attached Catalog Data Page 1.11-2150E. The valve is rated to 5000 psi and 10.5GPM continuous duty, and will hold flow in the cylinder ports in both directions.

Ed V. Askey