High Flow Rate DIN Drop-in style 2 way 2 position Cartridges: applications and sales features

See general catalog Section 1.12 data pages 1.12-21E thru 1.12-505E

We continue to predict substantial growth with this product line as it complements the integrated circuit designs that use a variety of screw-in-cartridges and flange mounted valves on manifolds, and provides high flow rate capacity to the manifold system for shut-off, blocking, unloading functions, and also high flow rate capacity for pressure control functions. The individual 2 way position cartridges and control covers are rated to 5000 psi continuous duty, and flow rates in 4 sizes to 320 GPM.

Control functions include 2 way 2 position shut off and dump valves, normally closed or normally open, solenoid operated (includes explosion proof models), air or oil pilot operated; pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure unloading valves, throttle valves, check valves, and pilot operated check valves. In addition, solenoid operated pressure and throttle valves are offered with proportional solenoid controls when remove full range variable pressure and flow control is required. Note that the various control valves used to pilot the larger 2 position cartridges are the catalog standard solenoid operated 2 and 3 way 22 mm valves and cartridges, or various pressure control valves, and thus offer all the styles, options, modifications, etc. that have been developed for separated functions and sizes of 2 and 3 way sub plate mounted or screw-in cartridges. This allows a wide selection of styles and features for pilot valve selection, and installation, repair and ser vice.

The standard Wandfluh options include seal selection of Buna N, Viton, or EPR, and a wide range of solenoid and proportional voltages, choice of adjustment styles, pressure ranges, and external metal material and finishes (including type 316L stainless).

Wandfluh can also provide the individual housing (bodies) to hold the drop-in style cartridges and bolt on control assemblies, or design and quote the complete manifold with valves and cartridges installed and tested.  See attached an integrated circuit done to provide accurate and repeatable pressure and flow control for a marine thruster Control Valve that can be rated to 5000 psi and 160 GPM 

Ed V. Askey