Stand Alone DSV Amplifier, mounts separately from Proportional Valve Solenoid, Meets IP67 International Protection Standards. Basic Model number is DSV3202-D20-AA

Wandfluh of America offers a separate (sealed) Digital Smart Valve amplifier that encloses the card used in the DSV Integral Electronics, and the New SD62 series (replaces the obsolete SO5V Din Rail mount series). This was developed for several major OEMs that could not use the DSV integral electronics models, and required amplifiers that provided protection against severe ambient such as wind, rain, snow storms, salt spray, etc., and meet IP67 Internationa Protection Standards.  We are in full production now on several models, and the field response had been excellent!

The DSV Standalone offers all the performance options of the SD62 series, and can easily be installed and adjusted with an IBM compatible PC, and a set of inexpensive cable connections.  A free PASO installation program can be down loaded from the Wandfluh Website (  On request the unit can be programmed before shipment for a minimal fee.

The exact IP67 International Protection Standard requires protection against ingress of dust, complete protection against contact, and protection against water when the enclosure is totally immersed under defined conditions of pressure and time. Other advantages are:

  • Accepts either voltage or current adjustable preset values (command input)
  • Adjustable Ramps for both up and down, adjustable gain, offset, and inversion
  • Five different operation modes (i.e. uni-polar 1or 2 solenoid, bi-polar 1 or 2 solenoid
  • Uni-polar control 2 concurrent solenoid functions
  • Adjustable Dither, both frequency and amplitude
  • Adjustable Dead Band

For additional information on these functions, and technical data, refer to the SD62 data sheets 1.13-100E, or the SD62 Operating Instructions (can be downloaded from the internet). Also, refer to the DSV data sheets 1.13-50109E.

As you can see, there are many options and functions available so currently we request that you discuss your applications for this new product with us, and we will then present you with model numbering and net distributor pricing.

Ed V. Askey