Proportional Flow Control Valve, Direct Operated, Pressure Complensated, full range adjustableto 16.6 GPM and rated to 5000 PSI working pressure

New Product, Models QNPF-A10-A/B-63-G24, and QNPS-A10-P-63-G24.  NG10 (NFPA 05) Sub-Plate Mount or Sandwich Mount styles.  See new data page 2.6-860E , now on our website.  This new data page will be included in the next printing of our bound catalog.

These units feature the proven QNPPM33-63-G12/G24 Screw-In threaded Cartridge, which allows higher flow rates and working pressures,  installed in steel sub-plate or sandwich mount housings.  See data page 2.6-650E for complete operating detail.  Also available with Integrated Electronics installed in the Solenoid Housing  (DSV Smart Valve).  See data page 2.6-660E.

These units supercede the previous model series AEMR-N or P- 10/2-40-G12/G24, a long time Wandfluh proportional flow control valve rated to 10.4 GPM and 3650 psi, which will remain available to support the large number of units now in the field, but we recommend installing the new units on neo generation designs, and wherever there is no problem in adapting existing design inputs to new flow rate/pressure ranges.  Also, the new style valves are priced lower than the older style.

Other advantages of the new screw-in cartridge design are:  faster and easier installation or removal of the screw-in cartridge, zinc plated steel solenoid housing for better corrosion resistance, common M33x2 metric cavity will accept a throttle valve version rather than pressure compensated version if required, or the SVS/X33 series of 2 way poppet type shut-off or dump valves.  This simplifies inventory requirements, and circuit installation procedures where all three types of valves may be required.

Ed V. Askey