Proportional Solenoid Pilot Operated NG25 (DO8) size Directional Control Valve.

Catalog Section 1.10 – Proportional Solenoid Pilot Operated NG25 (DO8) size Directional Control Valve.

In addition to our cataloged NG3, NG4, NG6, and NG10 solenoid operated spool type proportional directional valves, we also offer a High Flow Rate DO8 (NG25) size proportional solenoid operated contol valve to authorized distributors.   See data page on model AVPWS4D251-250-ti-G24-HB4.5. 

We continue to ship more of these every month, and have reordered the main valve sections from Nachi, due to increasing demand.  These DO8 sized valves were offered by Wandfluh many years ago, but removed from the line when the main spool body castings became unavailable in Switzerland.  Upon increasing requests, we developed an agreement with Nachi US to supply us the body sections with proportional fit spools, and adapted our standard proportional pressure control sandwiches to pilot them.  Our net price to an authorized  distributor is among the best on the market for a DO8 size (NG25) proportional directional control valve, double solenoid, 4 way 3 position, 24 VDC, closed center or motor spool.  These valves are rated to 66 GPM and 250 bar, and we have excellent performance reports from the field.  Standard Wandfluh Electronics drive these valves.

These valves can readily be supplied with the EEx me ll explosion proof, ATEX rated, European Norm solenoids, now becoming accepted worldwide (though not yet with UL/CSA approvals).  The pilot sandwich shown (model AEPSVdAB6-G24-0.6) would simply be replaced with a model BDPCS-AB-20-0.6-G24/T4- (see data sheet 2.3.740E) shown in the newest volume 13 and up catalogs.  Best of all, delivery is excellent!

If you’re interested, Bill Smith can work up a quote for you based on the net price sheet with the explosion proof solenoids on the NG6 pilot pressure control sandwich. 

Ed Askey