Mini Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valve Cartridge

Subject:  Data pages 2.3-671E Mini Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valve Cartridge

New Product Introduction:  Model Number MDPPM16-40-Y-G24-MSA37/19 Direct Acting Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valve for slip-In-Cartridge cavity.  For low flow rate, lowest pressure adjustment, lowest internal leakage applications.

Ask for data page 2.3-671E on this special application model. We have produced this model for several OEM customers. It is used on pilot control circuits were accurate pressure adjustment is required at very low flow rates and pressure adjustments, and lowest internal leakage is also a critical requirement.

It is rated to accept up to 60 bar (879 psi) input pressure (P port), and adjust downstream (A port) pressure to as low as 1 bar (15 psi) accurately and repeatedly. Internal leakage (past P port) is rated to as low as 30 cc/minute (nominal) with 142 SUS viscosity fluid.

Two pressure adjustments are offered: 1 to 25 bar with the PI29 solenoid, and 1 to 48 bar, with the PI35 solenoid. See pressure operating curves, and dimensions on page 2 of data sheet 2.3-671E. Standard voltages are 12 and 24 volt DC. An explosion proof solenoid model that meets ATEX Standards (Zones 1 & 2) is available on special quotation.

Note: this new cartridge fits an 0.11 mm cavity and a special 3 ported housing for it is available. Ask for Wandfluh cavity drawing 1.1325.4, or ported housing KR-1630-A-S04.

Ed V. Askey