2.6 Proportional Throttle Valve, Drop-in Cartridge Style. 42 GPM Flow Rate

For many years Wandfluh has offered a Proportional Throttle Valve in DIN 25 drop-in cartridge style, Model EDR2500-160-G24. It is rated to provide accurate flow rate adjustment from 20 cubic inches per minute to 42 GPM, and pressures to 4500 psi.  This cartridge fits in an ISO 7368/DIN 24342 cavity, or we can provide it installed in a 2-port high strength aluminium housing with either NPT or SAE-16 threaded ports.  This housing model number is K25-100-NPT or SAE St.thd.  See data page 1.12-505E in the general catalog or online.

This unit uses a 60mm proportional solenoid, available in 12 or 24 VDC, it includes a push type manual over ride, and is enclosed in a flange mount zinc plated steel solenoid housing.  It is available with a selection of electrical connectors including the standard DIN 43650 style.  Stand Wandfluh amplifiers and companion electronics can be used to drive the solenoid. 

The unique Wandfluh pressure balanced metering spool allows a direct solenoid operated design which assures accurate, smooth and fast response to a signal change.  A special data page, 2.6-114 (2 sides) and operating graphs are available on request from the Wandfluh, Mundelein, IL office.

Typical applications for this valve include variable speed control of fluid motor driven conveyors, lowing speed control of weight loaded hydraulic presses, variable speed control of fluid motor driven water pumps and boosters, fluid transfer systems, and mobile equipment fan drive systems.

Ed V. Askey