Proportional Solenoid Operated, 3-Way Flow Control Cartridges

New emphasis on more efficient fluid motor driven fan drive systems requires accurate and repeatable proportional solenoid driven 3 way flow control valves, both the direct operated throttle type and the pressure compensated type, this again gives us opportunity for our 3 way screw-in cartridge valves shown in catalog section 2.6. (An example is page 2.6-665E) We can now offer the 3 way direct operated pressure compensated flow control valves, (once termed “Priority Flow Control Valves”) to a variety of mobile equipment manufacturers and users for the control of fluid motor drive circuits that need a high degree of precision and accurate response to feedback signals, over millions of cycles. Our offerings can be fitted with mobile equipment slip-on solenoids, explosion proof solenoids, viton seals, corrosion resistant plating, and other customer requested options, and the necessary electronic amplifiers to control the fan drive system can be supplied with the amplifiers installed in the proportional solenoid, or for external installation.  Valves are offered in 2 sizes, 22mm and 33mm threads, and a 42mm size is now in final design.

For more complete product information see catalog data pages 2.6-666E, 2.6-667E, 2.6-645E, 2.6-646E, and electronic amplifier pages 1.13-75E, 1.13-240E.