New Data Pages for NG6 Size Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valve (Sub-plate mounted, NFPA-03, interchangeable)

Please click on Data page 1.2-59E for our NG6 sized model (flow rate to 21 GPM, pressures to 5100 psi) NFPA sub-plate mounted (D03). This model is now offered with the popular mobile equipment type “Slip-on Solenoid“ option as well as with the standard ISO bolt on solenoid assembly.  Additionally, and of major importance, nominal internal leakage curves are now printed and shown on page 3.  We offer lowest internal leakage as a standard, and can quote on special option „extra-tite“ internal leakage.

In an always tough competitive market, we still maintain and increase our sales of this type and size of direct solenoid operated directional control valve.  This is due to the extra options and functions this valve offers the users that include some major OEM and off-the highway equipment manufacturers.

Ed V. Askey