Direct Operated Spool Type, in NG6 (DO3) Size, with explosion-proof rated proportional solenoids; 4-way, 3 position, closed center or 4 way two position.

For the latest Data Sheet No. 1.10-87E. This is our Model WDCBFA06-ACB-S-G24/L115, NG6 (DO3) sized proportional directional control valve, 4 way 3 positions, double solenoid, rated to 25 liters per minute and 5000 psi.  Competitively priced, delivery can be made in 4 – 5 weeks ARO.

The proportional explosion proof solenoids used are Type Exd 11c and approved for use in Zones 1 and 2, Gas Groups A, B, C, per EN Norm / ATEX 1023 standards, also IECEx, and Gost Standards. They are not UL or CSA listed, but are now usually accepted in the US & Canada when the UL/CSA seal is not a mandatory requirement.  They are universally accepted elsewhere in the world, and are the standard applied for most off shore drilling platform requirements. 

The solenoids meet IP-67 water exposure protection class, have both a 15 or 9 watt power rating, and maximum spool stroke requires 610 milliamps at 5000 psi, to achieve 25 liter/min flow rate.  Delta P at 25 liter/min is 10 bar (with 140 SUS fluid). For additional construction information and dimensions, see data pages 1.10-75E. Note that rated flow is reduced from the standard non-explosion proof NG6 size proportional valve.  Note also that a spacer plate is required between the valve body and the DO3 sub- plate to account for explosion proof solenoid overlap.  More detail on the proportional solenoid used is shown on data page 1.1-183E in the 1.1 solenoid section. If viton seals are required, add “D1” to end of model number.

These valves are often applied in the oil extraction and refining industry, on off shore drilling operations, on underground mining and tunneling machinery, in pipeline pumping stations, on compressed gas delivery systems, and in petro-chemical operations.