Model BKS/DPM22-32, Direct Acting Low Pressure Cartridge Relief Valve now available in 0-16 (232 psi) adjustment range

One of the most often asked questions from the field is how low can our direct operated pressure relief valves be adjusted to? Accurate and reliable lowest possible pressure adjustment, along with acceptable flow rates, is often critical for pilot control of larger DIN and Spool Type control valves, and on pressure compensated pump and fluid motor

Data sheet 2.1-542 shows the adjustment graphs and dimensions on the standard cartridge, note the following features:
1.    Extremely low internal leakage below cracking (setting) pressures.
2.    Adjustment pressure vs. flow rate graphs on both high and low adjustment ranges.
3.    Nominal pressure adjustment graph showing adjusting screw turns required for specific pressure setting.
4.    For lowest pressure adjustment range 0 – 232 psi, please contact us with application details.