Most Wandfluh standard control valves can be provided with a selection of options to protect the valve external materials from damaging ambient conditions, such as rain, sleet, snow, saltwater spray or immersion, and chronic humidity (both indoors and outdoors).
Some equipment and machines face only occasional and mild exposure, some face almost constant and severe exposure; thus, the degree of protection needed can vary. Wandfluh offers 3 options for corrosion protection of external parts that can be applied to almost all product types and models.

Ask for our brochure that briefly describes these options and what processes and material finishes are used on options K1, K4, and K9 (these option numbers are added to the end of the standard model number).  K1 is intended to protect against chronic humidity, infrequent light rain or salt spray, infrequent sleet or snow.  K4 protects against constant but light moisture exposure, rain storms and light salt spray, and is often recommended for most mobile equipment applications where the machines are constantly used out doors.  K9 features all external components of stainless material, with bodies, end caps, and sub plates of type 316L stainless, and solenoid housings are plated and epoxy coated.  K9 is required on all salt water exposure applications, constant and heavy rain and snow storms, and temporary immersion.
Type 316L is the usual specification for undersea research equipment, off shore drilling operations, above deck shipboard equipment, where ever salt water exposure is constant

Some valves can be quoted for working in corrosion and hazard environments using special materials such as 300 series stainless, 17-4 Carpenter stainless and improved surface treatments. These usually do require minimum order quantities for production.

Ed Askey