ISO Screw-in Cartridge Style, Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves. Models QZDPM22-40; QZDPM33-70. Manually Adjustable.

Refer to data sheets 2.5-535E, and 2.5-550E

These highly precise and repeatable flow control valves offer the following features and advantages:
1.    Full pressure compensation over the selected pressure differential range.
2.    Adjustable over the full min to max flow rating.  
3.    Working Pressure to 350 bar.(5100 psi).
4.    Choice of stem, knob, or key lock adjustment
5.    Linear flow adjustment vs stem/knob turns.
6.    QZDPM22 accurately adjusts down to 0.02 li/min; QZDPM33 accurately  adjusts down to 0.2 li/min.
7.    Exposed surface of adjustment case is Zinc plated. Aluminum knob is clear anodized.
8.    Standard Seals are Buna N, (Viton or EPR seals optional).
9.    Can be provided with external surfaces of stainless steel
Fits ISO standard 2 port flow control valves M22 x 1.5 and M33 x 2 threaded cavities.  Thus, also interchangeable with Wandfluh proportional flow control and throttle valve cartridges M22 x 1.5 and M33 x 2.

Ed V. Askey