Model MVPPM42-275–G24-W, High Capacity Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Cartridge,with metric 42 x 2 mm threads

Please see Data Page 2.3-690E for Model MVPPM42-275-G24 – proportional pressure reducing-relieving screw-in cartridge valve, It is rated to 66 GPM and 5000 psi, and is the fore runner of a series of new 42MM screw-in cartridge valves. This valve was developed for torque and speed control of large fluid motors that drive the propellers on ROV’s and other fluid motor driven craft and vehicles, or the steering booster pumps on service and supply barges and large yachts.
This particular model calls for maximum pressure adjustment to 275 bar, with dual flying solenoid leads and external pressure balanced coil enclosure, but all Wandfluh standard connections and coil housings can be supplied, as well as adjustable  pressure ranges from 20 bar to 350 bar.  Originally rated to 250 liters per minute, our customers have found it readily handles to 280 liters per minute at 275 bar. We can provide it with explosion proof solenoids meeting ATEX/PTB EN norm/CE standards, if required.  Presentation Dwgs and certs zfor the required model numbers can be supplied on request.

We have an increased order rate, and are receiving orders from firms interested in using this valve on other high flow rate applications where NG25 (D08) components such as sub-plate mounted directional valves are used, and thus we have developed a NG25 (D08) pad mount stacking sandwich which includes the screw-in cartridge. 

The complete assembly model description is MVPSA25-P-350 -G24 with ISO electrical connector. 

Ed Askey