Automatic Pressure Cycling for mounting in a Down Hole Drilling Rod

Automatic Pressure Cycling Valve for mounting in a Down Hole Drilling rod that is located long distance from the main pressure pumping sources. Auto Cycling Valve

We have recently developed a new modification for the AQ4Z60-2100-Auto Cycling Valve that should greatly increase the market for it.  We have added to the design so that it is a round non-subplate version mounted directly in the tube and ported with SAE-4 straight thread and O ring sealed ports.

The whole assembly will fit within a 2.89“ I.D. oil drilling rod, and thus can control the drill bit and rod units with very few hose and fittings required.

This will greatly reduce the Driller’s hose coasts, and speed up hose handling and replacement tasks.  There may also be other uses for this valve where mounting space is limited or where sub-plate mounting is not required but direct porting and SAE threads are.

Maximum working pressure is 210 bar at 2 GPM. For more information please contact Wandfluh at 847-566-5700.