Mini Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valve Cartridge

Subject:  Data pages 2.3-671E Mini Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valve Cartridge

New Product Introduction:  Model Number MDPPM16-40-Y-G24-MSA37/19 Direct Acting Proportional Pressure Reducing-Relieving Valve for slip-In-Cartridge cavity.  For low flow rate, lowest pressure adjustment, lowest internal leakage applications.

Ask for data page 2.3-671E on this special application model. We have produced this model for several OEM customers. It is used on pilot control circuits were accurate pressure adjustment is required at very low flow rates and pressure adjustments, and lowest internal leakage is also a critical requirement.

It is rated to accept up to 60 bar (879 psi) input pressure (P port), and adjust downstream (A port) pressure to as low as 1 bar (15 psi) accurately and repeatedly. Internal leakage (past P port) is rated to as low as 30 cc/minute (nominal) with 142 SUS viscosity fluid.

Two pressure adjustments are offered: 1 to 25 bar with the PI29 solenoid, and 1 to 48 bar, with the PI35 solenoid. See pressure operating curves, and dimensions on page 2 of data sheet 2.3-671E. Standard voltages are 12 and 24 volt DC. An explosion proof solenoid model that meets ATEX Standards (Zones 1 & 2) is available on special quotation.

Note: this new cartridge fits an 0.11 mm cavity and a special 3 ported housing for it is available. Ask for Wandfluh cavity drawing 1.1325.4, or ported housing KR-1630-A-S04.

Ed V. Askey

Proportional Solenoid Pilot Operated NG25 (DO8) size Directional Control Valve.

Catalog Section 1.10 – Proportional Solenoid Pilot Operated NG25 (DO8) size Directional Control Valve.

In addition to our cataloged NG3, NG4, NG6, and NG10 solenoid operated spool type proportional directional valves, we also offer a High Flow Rate DO8 (NG25) size proportional solenoid operated contol valve to authorized distributors.   See data page on model AVPWS4D251-250-ti-G24-HB4.5. 

We continue to ship more of these every month, and have reordered the main valve sections from Nachi, due to increasing demand.  These DO8 sized valves were offered by Wandfluh many years ago, but removed from the line when the main spool body castings became unavailable in Switzerland.  Upon increasing requests, we developed an agreement with Nachi US to supply us the body sections with proportional fit spools, and adapted our standard proportional pressure control sandwiches to pilot them.  Our net price to an authorized  distributor is among the best on the market for a DO8 size (NG25) proportional directional control valve, double solenoid, 4 way 3 position, 24 VDC, closed center or motor spool.  These valves are rated to 66 GPM and 250 bar, and we have excellent performance reports from the field.  Standard Wandfluh Electronics drive these valves.

These valves can readily be supplied with the EEx me ll explosion proof, ATEX rated, European Norm solenoids, now becoming accepted worldwide (though not yet with UL/CSA approvals).  The pilot sandwich shown (model AEPSVdAB6-G24-0.6) would simply be replaced with a model BDPCS-AB-20-0.6-G24/T4- (see data sheet 2.3.740E) shown in the newest volume 13 and up catalogs.  Best of all, delivery is excellent!

If you’re interested, Bill Smith can work up a quote for you based on the net price sheet with the explosion proof solenoids on the NG6 pilot pressure control sandwich. 

Ed Askey

Proportional Flow Control Valve, Direct Operated, Pressure Complensated, full range adjustableto 16.6 GPM and rated to 5000 PSI working pressure

New Product, Models QNPF-A10-A/B-63-G24, and QNPS-A10-P-63-G24.  NG10 (NFPA 05) Sub-Plate Mount or Sandwich Mount styles.  See new data page 2.6-860E , now on our website.  This new data page will be included in the next printing of our bound catalog.

These units feature the proven QNPPM33-63-G12/G24 Screw-In threaded Cartridge, which allows higher flow rates and working pressures,  installed in steel sub-plate or sandwich mount housings.  See data page 2.6-650E for complete operating detail.  Also available with Integrated Electronics installed in the Solenoid Housing  (DSV Smart Valve).  See data page 2.6-660E.

These units supercede the previous model series AEMR-N or P- 10/2-40-G12/G24, a long time Wandfluh proportional flow control valve rated to 10.4 GPM and 3650 psi, which will remain available to support the large number of units now in the field, but we recommend installing the new units on neo generation designs, and wherever there is no problem in adapting existing design inputs to new flow rate/pressure ranges.  Also, the new style valves are priced lower than the older style.

Other advantages of the new screw-in cartridge design are:  faster and easier installation or removal of the screw-in cartridge, zinc plated steel solenoid housing for better corrosion resistance, common M33x2 metric cavity will accept a throttle valve version rather than pressure compensated version if required, or the SVS/X33 series of 2 way poppet type shut-off or dump valves.  This simplifies inventory requirements, and circuit installation procedures where all three types of valves may be required.

Ed V. Askey

Stand Alone DSV Amplifier, mounts separately from Proportional Valve Solenoid, Meets IP67 International Protection Standards. Basic Model number is DSV3202-D20-AA

Wandfluh of America offers a separate (sealed) Digital Smart Valve amplifier that encloses the card used in the DSV Integral Electronics, and the New SD62 series (replaces the obsolete SO5V Din Rail mount series). This was developed for several major OEMs that could not use the DSV integral electronics models, and required amplifiers that provided protection against severe ambient such as wind, rain, snow storms, salt spray, etc., and meet IP67 Internationa Protection Standards.  We are in full production now on several models, and the field response had been excellent!

The DSV Standalone offers all the performance options of the SD62 series, and can easily be installed and adjusted with an IBM compatible PC, and a set of inexpensive cable connections.  A free PASO installation program can be down loaded from the Wandfluh Website (  On request the unit can be programmed before shipment for a minimal fee.

The exact IP67 International Protection Standard requires protection against ingress of dust, complete protection against contact, and protection against water when the enclosure is totally immersed under defined conditions of pressure and time. Other advantages are:

  • Accepts either voltage or current adjustable preset values (command input)
  • Adjustable Ramps for both up and down, adjustable gain, offset, and inversion
  • Five different operation modes (i.e. uni-polar 1or 2 solenoid, bi-polar 1 or 2 solenoid
  • Uni-polar control 2 concurrent solenoid functions
  • Adjustable Dither, both frequency and amplitude
  • Adjustable Dead Band

For additional information on these functions, and technical data, refer to the SD62 data sheets 1.13-100E, or the SD62 Operating Instructions (can be downloaded from the internet). Also, refer to the DSV data sheets 1.13-50109E.

As you can see, there are many options and functions available so currently we request that you discuss your applications for this new product with us, and we will then present you with model numbering and net distributor pricing.

Ed V. Askey

Wandfluh Pilot Operated Check Valve, Screw-in Cartridge Style

See Section 2.7, Data Pages 2.7-62E  Model RNX-PM33-x. This model is also still available in the smaller 22mm size, though it is not in the latest catalog. Design features are the same, parts are scaled down.

The design offers some desirable features that assure superior operating performance in the critical load holding area as well as providing long wearing reliable product so important in heavy duty mobile equipment machines.

1.  Note the poppet type spool is push type to seal and held in position by both the pilot spring and the actuator pressure; thus insuring that the tapered poppet/spool is fully seated and driving the poppet onto the seat.  This adds additional strength to the holding force, and aids in forming a tighter seat to assure virtual zero leak when holding a loaded cylinder.

2.  Note also that the pilot spool is fully guided (bearing) and the poppet seat cannot cock or the seat, or wobble when traveling.

3.  Note that there is a O ring groove cut in the pilot piston. This allows for an O ring seal on the pilot piston when the pilot piston can receive the signal for pilot shift function if pilot pressure is used from another separate function. For ordering this option, signify b adding the number C7 to the end of the model number.

4.  All steel metal parts, such as the one piece cartridge body, are of zinc plated steel, (stainless on special option) and are rated to 5500 psi continuous duty. Standard seals are of Buna N (Nitrile) Rubber, or Viton, ethylene propylene (EPR) seals on request.

5.  The model RNXPM33-x is rated to 350 bar working pressure, 160 liters/minute. The model RNXPM33-x is rated to 350 bar and 80 liters/Minute. 

Ed V. Askey

High Flow Rate DIN Drop-in style 2 way 2 position Cartridges: applications and sales features

See general catalog Section 1.12 data pages 1.12-21E thru 1.12-505E

We continue to predict substantial growth with this product line as it complements the integrated circuit designs that use a variety of screw-in-cartridges and flange mounted valves on manifolds, and provides high flow rate capacity to the manifold system for shut-off, blocking, unloading functions, and also high flow rate capacity for pressure control functions. The individual 2 way position cartridges and control covers are rated to 5000 psi continuous duty, and flow rates in 4 sizes to 320 GPM.

Control functions include 2 way 2 position shut off and dump valves, normally closed or normally open, solenoid operated (includes explosion proof models), air or oil pilot operated; pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure unloading valves, throttle valves, check valves, and pilot operated check valves. In addition, solenoid operated pressure and throttle valves are offered with proportional solenoid controls when remove full range variable pressure and flow control is required. Note that the various control valves used to pilot the larger 2 position cartridges are the catalog standard solenoid operated 2 and 3 way 22 mm valves and cartridges, or various pressure control valves, and thus offer all the styles, options, modifications, etc. that have been developed for separated functions and sizes of 2 and 3 way sub plate mounted or screw-in cartridges. This allows a wide selection of styles and features for pilot valve selection, and installation, repair and ser vice.

The standard Wandfluh options include seal selection of Buna N, Viton, or EPR, and a wide range of solenoid and proportional voltages, choice of adjustment styles, pressure ranges, and external metal material and finishes (including type 316L stainless).

Wandfluh can also provide the individual housing (bodies) to hold the drop-in style cartridges and bolt on control assemblies, or design and quote the complete manifold with valves and cartridges installed and tested.  See attached an integrated circuit done to provide accurate and repeatable pressure and flow control for a marine thruster Control Valve that can be rated to 5000 psi and 160 GPM 

Ed V. Askey

Poppet Valve Options readily Available

1. Roller Cam operated 2 and 3 way poppet style rather than the standard hand operated spool types shown in the catalog data pages 1.5 E. The model number changes to AT from AH, and the standard 2 and 3 way poppet valve numbering is used (see page 1.11-2005E) Example: a Roller Cam Operated 2 way normally closed NG6 model becomes AT22061A 

2. Standard hand Lever Operated, spring return poppet valves can also be provided with a 2 position detent function in NG6 and NG10 sizes.  For NG6 size, add S-2017 at the end of the model number. Example AH22061A-S2017. for NG10 size add S-2131 at the end of model number. Example: AH101a-S2131

3. Solenoid Operated 2 and 3 way poppet valves can be provided with a soft shift armature that will slow the poppet shift function and aid in reducing shock when shifting under load.  Add the number M30 just after the voltage stated. . Example AS22061a-G24-M30  This function will not reduce the shifting shock as well as a spool type soft shift valve does, but it will dampen especially decompression shock.

4. Solenoid Operated 4- way, 3 position Poppet Style, virtual zero leak Directional Valve – NG6 (DO6) sub plate mounted version. When any actuator drift in a hold position is unacceptable, the model AS-4306-AC or DC voltage- can hold virtual zero leak in all 4 pressure ports. Please refer to attached Catalog Data Page 1.11-2150E. The valve is rated to 5000 psi and 10.5GPM continuous duty, and will hold flow in the cylinder ports in both directions.

Ed V. Askey

In-Line High PSI/High Flow Check Valve in DIN Drop-In Cartridge Style

For distributors and users who design and provide High Flow Rated Manifold Assemblies, DIN type drop in check cartridges are available in 16mm, 25mm, 32mm and 42 mm sizes – typical model number is CS32-10-0.6-.05-c7.  The C7 connotes checked flow port B to A, reverse flow port A to B.  This is done internally in the CSxx-10 cartridge, so a very straight forward DIN cavity is easily drilled, and the cartridge is held in its’ cavity with our standard Dxx-420-0.6 blank cover.  See section 1.12, page 230E for the 32mm cartridge, page 1.12-445E for the cover, and attached example titled One Way Check Function.

The cartridges and cover are rated to 5500 psi, and max flow rates to 1200 liters/min. (40mm size), and pressure drops are extremely low.  The C7 option has been available for years, but few manifold designers have noticed it sort of hidden in the data pages.  I have used it with one of our distributor sales engineers on three dredging scows operating noticed it sort of hidden in the data pages.  It was in the New York Harbor area for 8 years, where the max pressure is 5500 psi, with flow rates to 240 GPM. Usually the cost is too high for sizes below 25mm, but more than acceptable when flow rates above 300 liters/min and working pressures are to 5500 psi.

Ed V. Askey

Poppet Valve Options Not Shown in the General Catalog

Available on special Quotation

1. Hand Lever Operated, with 2 position Detented Actuator, 2 way and 3 way, normally open or normally closed.  Ask for drawings for model AH32061A-S2017, (NG6 sixe) and AH22101A-S2131 (NG10 size).  Our standard hand operated poppet valves come with spring return only.  Frequently, the application may call for the operator to shift the valve into a holding position and leave it for extended periods.  Application examples: tunnel drilling machines, fork lift attachments, forming presses and clamps, hydraulic actuated shut-off valves.

2. Solenoid operated 2 and 3 way valves with a solenoid operated locking function (detent).  Ask for drawing 1.11-52201E and cutaway drawings on the solenoid detent version, and hand knob operated unlocking.  Applications examples are: vice grips on oil drilling platforms, hydraulic freight elevators, self propelled man lifts. Cranes, etc. (outriggers)

3. Solenoid Operated Poppet Valves with position indication (signals poppet or spool shift).  Available with either mechanical or inductive proximity switches, normally open or normally closed.  See attached drawings.  On equipment located and operated in hazardous areas and sites, there may be official governmental standards or requirements involved.  This is the case in W. Europe on certain machine tools.

Please contract Customer Services at 847-566-5700 for model number and prices. Prices are quantity sensitive.

Ed V. Askey

Active applications for Wandfluh Hydraulic Valves on Mobile Equipment

We often hear the complaint that “your valves are excellent, but too expensive to apply on Mobile Equipment.” For some applications this may be so and we don’t try to lead you into a battle you won’t win. But Wandfluh does have many successes on mobile equipment applications; it all depends on what operational requirements the user needs, and how badly are they needed. For example, we offer catalog standard flow control valves that can accurately adjust flow rates to as low as 1 cubic inch per minute, pressures down to 15 psi, hold loads with metal to metal poppets down to 3-4 drops per minute, and offer type 316L stainless steel housings and 17-4 spools and threaded adjustments., We can supply solenoid operated valves with virtually any variety of current or voltage, prepare internal parts and seals to operate with a variety of fluids (both internally or externally), combine functions to perform multiple tasks in one assembly, offer a variety of sizes or adapters to fit both international or local dimensions, flanges and thread sizes. We can combine a variety of components into one main assembly of all the required components to perform intricate functions and sequences; and offer remote proportional electronic control of all the required movements or positions. If the user’s design requires the above product and system capability, all these features and functions are no more expensive from Wandfluh then they would be from other capable suppliers; in fact, they are often less expensive from Wandfluh.

Here are some successful applications on or with mobile equipment that Wandfluh offers

1.  Proportional Solenoid Operated Pressure Compensated Control valves.  Will maintain predetermined pressure and flow rate regardless of varying loads on the hydraulic actuators. Typical applications: directional control of fluid motor driven platform loaders, man lifts, conveyors, and fluid pumps. Examples: Aircraft Freight and Baggage Loaders and Transporters; sewer and water pumping systems.

2.  High Flow Rate Solenoid Operated Poppet Valve Cartridges, 2 way normally open or normally closed, block or flow in either direction. This valve can be mounted in-line, or on cylinder head so actuators and can be shut off or opened on signal in either direction.  Examples: Dump Truck Cylinder Lift, Hold (no drift), or Lower; control system to switch fluid motor drive system motors from series circuit to parallel circuit; Crane Outrigger Control position and hold and hold; Fluid Motor Driven Winch or anchor Windless control of heavy duty, high flow rate applications.

3.  High Flow Rate D08 (NG25 size) Proportional Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valve, sub-plate mounted, 4 way 2 and 3 position, closed center or motor spools, rated to 66 GPM, 3500 psi. Priced competitively to authorized Wandfluh distributors. Features highly accurate proportional solenoid operated pressure controls to finely tune a notched slave spool. Can also be fitted with ATEX rated explosion proof solenoids. See attached write up and drawing.

4.  Stand alone DSV (digital smart valve) Amplifier, mounts separately from hydraulic control valve, or rail mount D62/63 series amplifiers where dimensions and mounting locations and/or ambient moisture conditions require water (etc) resistant protection to meet international Protection Code IP67. This unit contains all the performance functions and options offered in the DSV and rail mounted models, installed in a sealed but easy to adjust and run-in separately mounted unit. Typical applications are on highway sand and salt spreaders, material transporters/conveyors, food processing and packing lines, waste pick up machines, automated care wash systems, etc.

5.  Automatic four way two position cycling valves, pressure actuated, nonelectric, offered in two sizes, flow rate to 16 GPM, pressures to 4500 psi. This valve will automatically shift when inlet pressure is supplied to the valve, and downstream actuator pressure reaches an pre-adjustable point, then continuously shifts to the opposite actuator port on pre-set signal. No electric actuation is involved; product is heavy duty, capable of multiple millions of cycles. Typical applications are on trash packers, underground mining machines, gas and liquid pressure boosters or compressors, concrete finishers, and pumpers.

Ed V. Askey