By browsing through this section, you will be able to get an overview of our standard catalog products and their features. However, our offering is by no means limited to what you see here. Please contact us or your local distributor about your specific application requirements.

1.1 Solenoids
1.2 Spool valves direct acting solenoid operated
1.3 Spool valves direct acting explosion solenoid operated
1.4 Spool valves direct acting soft reversal
1.5 Spool valves direct acting hand lever or roller operated
1.6 Spool valves direct acting pneumatically operated
1.7 Hydraulically operated directional spool valves
1.8 Spool valves with integral pressure reversal
1.9 Spool valves pilot operated
1.10 Proportional spool valve
1.11 Poppet valves
1.12 2 way cartridge valves
1.13 Electronics and electro-accessories for proportional valves
2.1 Pressure relief/sequence valves
2.2 Pressure reducing valves
2.3 Proportional pressure relief/reducing valves
2.4 Restrictor/restrictor valves with reverse free flow check
2.5 Flow control/fast approach-fine feed valves
2.6 Proportional restrictor/flow control valves
2.7 Non-return/pilot operated check valves
2.9 Threaded subplates
2.10 Accessories
2.12 Filter and HPU Accessories
2.13 Cavities