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ISO Cartridge In-Line Bodies

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Our line of ISO cartridge valve in-line body descriptions have been revamped to better describe and represent their functionality. The old descriptions were generic in nature and covered multiple functions within a specific ISO cavity type.

Our new descriptions include the basic valve type description with a “K” preceding it.  As example the in-line body for a BV(S,D,K)PM22-… would be KBV_PM22-A-S06.

The “A” denotes aluminum and the “S06” denotes the port threads. These now come with a nameplate which includes function schematic symbols with body port ID references.

This simplifies and clarifies plumbing connections. As before aluminum is the standard material. Other materials are on a per quote basis.

A complete listing of ISO cartridge in-line body types are listed to the left with a cross reference to the old description. Please click on the type you would like additional information on and a PDF document will open in a new window.

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