ISO or UNF cavities


Open for any cavity!

Did you know that Wandfluh offers UNF and metric cavities for screw-in cartridges? The largest choice of cartridges we offer is in ISO cavities M18, M22, M33 and M42. However, the range of UNF cartridges has grown steadily and there are a number of valve types available from catalogue with UNF dimensions according to US standard. Almost the entire range of hydraulic functions is available in ISO cavities and this with short delivery times. Poppet valves, pressure valves, directional functions, flow control valves, also as proportional or explosion-protected valves, are documented and available. But also many UNF cartridges are documented. Small pressure relief and poppet valves in UNF08 (3/4"-16UNF) are in the standard product range. Even proportional directional valve cartridges are available in this small UNF cavity, which allows a compact block design. For the cartridges with UNF10 (7/8"- 14UNF) a proportional directional valve cartridge for 350 bar and 20 l/min is also available. Many functions can be designed by simply converting to another cavity shape. Cavities in other UNF dimensions (e.g. UNF16) or metric dimensions (e.g. M16 or M20) can be implemented. If you require UNF12, UNF16, M16 or M20 cavities, consultation with Wandfluh will be worthwhile. In these executions, the functional and internal parts are taken over and the outer part is adapted to the desired, new cavity. Ask us for a screw-in cartridge in your cavity!