Corporate Responsibility

Wandfluh of America Inc is governed by our parent company values in Switzerland that drives efficiency and responsibility to the worldwide environment. Our operation in Illinois is constantly looking for ways to reduce in-coming and out-going waste as well as investigating 

materials that can be re-used or re-purposed. All shipments from Switzerland are packed to minimize the footprint while maximizing the product in each package, reducing the initial packing materials and number of shipments we need to make across the Atlantic.

Heating and cooling

The products we design, make and stock are made from metal. This means that we must store these materials in an ambient environment with a consistent temperature and with minimum humidity to avoid damaging the products through rust. The buildings heating and cooling is automatically regulated to adjust these setting to use the minimum energy needed to maintain the ideal conditions we need.

Recycling is standard

The organic waste generated by the Illinois facility is removed by a specialist recycling company who manages the disposal of all products that we cannot re-use or re-purpose.

Our fundamental approach to the environment
  • Avoiding hazardous substances in products (REACH}
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of our products
  • Avoiding hazardous consumable materials
  • Developing clean manufacturing processes
  • Extending the lifetime of our products
  • Construction, materials and manufacturing recyclable products