"We want to provide our clients around the world with high-quality products and get engaged as a valued partner in the development of technically demanding hydraulics systems."


The Wandfluh Group is active in Europe, North America and Asia through its own companies. It also has representatives in over 30 countries worldwide, who offer Wandfluh products in the various markets and realise hydraulics solutions in collaboration with clients. All companies and representatives profit from direct access to the development and production facilities in Switzerland. This ensures that client needs are quickly incorporated into engineering and production processes in a targeted manner, and also technically demanding projects can be realised with high quality, on time and within budget.


A keen awareness of quality and a positive error culture are key to the successful model which Wandfluh has been implementing for decades. We aim for a high level of in-house production and invest in modern production machinery and processes so we can continue to exceed rising quality requirements also in future. For example, valves are paired together through a honing process to ensure a clearly defined leakage. In addition, each valve is individually checked and only approved for delivery after fulfilling stringent test criteria at one of our test stands.


The Wandfluh Group believes in fostering a relationship of equals with its partners, because we are convinced this is the only way to achieve the best results. We support projects if required from planning to maintenance, and have a broad pool of specialists to draw on throughout the entire course of a project. If a standard product cannot be integrated into a hydraulic circuit in the optimum way, customer-specific modifications can be implemented in a very short time together with our development, production and assembly department, so our client can operate an optimally designed hydraulic system.


Over the years, Wandfluh has developed and produced a broad portfolio of high-quality, codt-effective standard products tailored to various markets. These are constructed in modular way and support numerous potential combinations and innovative additional options such as switching position monitoring or integrated electronics. Apart from standard products, Wandfluh also offers valve and system solutions specifically developed and produced according to a particular client requirement. Close interaction between development, manufacturing, assembling and testing valves as well as system solutions is the key to success here.