WANDFLUH Industrial

...designed to ensure reproducibility and precision

Applications in industrial machinery have always been geared towards precision, efficiency and reliability. With Industry 4.0, these terms are now becoming even more prominent. Although other techniques and procedures are being implemented to some extent, hydraulics continues to play an

important role in fast and powerful motion sequences and clamping devices on processing machines. Stable performance coupled with a high level of repeatability are an indispensable part of this.


Industrial production is in transformation. Industry 4.0 will change the production environment in future and thus also the requirements of hydraulic systems developed for industry. The need for valve and electronic components will significantly increase. These needs range from redundant switching position monitoring through to customer-specific constructions. However, one of the industry’s key objectives is to develop a precise type of hydraulics that can be adapted to different machinery and has sensitive control characteristics. This can be achieved successfully with intelligent electronics and the corresponding software and guarantees precise and dynamic motion sequences in an industrial production facility.

  • Axes positioning
  • Industrial robots
  • Cutting feed control with positioning
  • Variable workpiece clamping
  • Controlled force transmission in cutting installations
  • Hydraulic support
  • Tension control of coiling machines
  • Presses and pressing devices

A wide range of amplifiers and controllers are available for the valve control. These digital control modules are programmable individually and can be parameterised in a very detailed way by means of the parameterisation software PASO. Thereby, the PASO software user interface is structured as a block diagram. This leads to a very clear and intuitive operability, whereby actual parameters and analysis data can be displayed online. In addition to electronic modules for installation into a control cabinet, valves with integrated electronics (DSVs) are available which are already pre-programmed.

  • Precise adaptation to a hydraulic system by means of electronics developed in-house and intelligent software
  • Valve technology with switching position monitoring
  • High power density (up to 350 bar / 120 l/min)
  • Compact constructions (NG3-Mini, NG4-Mini)
  • High precision
  • Good repeatability
  • Sensitive control characteristics
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Individual customer-specific adaptations
  • Worldwide customer service