Solenoid coil with integrated amplifier electronics PD2 MP_P1

Solenoids/Manual overrides

Solenoid coil with integrated amplifier electronics. Protection class is IP67. The electronics are fix mounted on the solenoid coil. The construction corresponds to standard VDE 0580. The steel housing is zinc nickel coated.

Electronics Solenoid coil with integrated amplifier electronics PD2 MP_P1
  • Solenoid coil acc. to VDE 0580
  • With integrated amplifier electronics PD2
  • Protection class IP 67


Due to its water spray resistant execution, the solenoid coil is suitable for most diverse applications. It can be used on all proportional valves with 19 mm, 23 mm resp. 31 mm armature tube diameters. Easy connecting enables assembly and commissioning with conventional tools. All settings can be carried out easily and quickly. The electronics has a Pulse-Width-Modulated current output. The solenoid output can also be parameterised for switching solenoids. The parameterisation is carried out directly on the device by means of push-buttons and display, or by means of the parameterisation and diagnostics software PASO of Wandfluh.