Proportional spool valve pilot operated (integrated electronics, slip-on coil) WVPFA10_90_ME

Proportional spool valves NG10

Pilot operated proportional spool valve with 4 connections in 5-chamber system and integrated electronics. Precise spool fit, low leakage, long service life time. Very compact construction with corresponding low weight. The pilot valve is a proportional solenoid operated pressure reducing valve. The function of the pilot and main valve as well as the interaction of both valves can be found in the hydraulic diagram. Proportional to the solenoid current, the spool stroke, the spool opening and the valve volume flow increase. The control takes place via an analogue interface or a fieldbus interface (CANopen, J1939 or Profibus DP). The parameterisation takes place by means of the free of cost parameterisation and diagnostics software «PASO» or via fieldbus interface. As an option, these valves are available with integrated controller. As feedback value generators sensors with voltage or current output can be connected directly. The available controller structures are optimi- sed for applications with hydraulic actuations.

Proportional valves Proportional spool valve pilot operated (integrated electronics, slip-on coil) WVPFA10_90_ME

Proportional spool valve with integrated electronics
Flange construction

  • pilot operated
  • Qmax = 200 l/min
  • QN max = 90 l/min
  • pmax = 350 bar


Proportional spool valves are perfectly suitable for demanding tasks due to the high resolution, large volume flow and low hysteresis. Pilot operated valves are used where large volume flows have to be controlled. Due to the large flow range and the high stiffness of the actuation as a result of the pilot control, these valves are suitable for applications where fast acceleration and deceleration processes, high speeds and sensitive motion sequences are required. The applications are in the industrial as well as in the mobile hydraulics for the smooth control of hydraulic actuations. „PASO” is a Windows programm in the flow diagram style, which enables the intuitive adjustment and storing of all variable parameters. The data remain saved in case of a power failure and can also be reproduced and transferred to other DSVs.