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Electro-Hydraulic product information and training

Wandfluh of America Inc. offers informative product sessions at our Illinois location, at your location or at customer venues, whatever is needed to share the differences and explain the unique features and benefits that the Wandfluh products can offer.

Sessions at the Wandfluh office in Illinois will typically cover in detail, the currently available hydraulic and electronic products, be classroom based with workshop segments to demonstrate in real-time, valve performance and how the electronics configuration influences the system operation.

Meetings at your locations will be presentation based with more general electro-hydraulic product overviews to review the entire range but focus on the latest products items available and markets where these can be applied.

Customer information sessions will be more project orientated where we cover specific products that would be used in the application solutions to keep it short and to the point.

Our information sessions are designed to keep you up to date with the Wandfluh product range so as the market demands grow for control and precision, you can always select and apply the latest and best fit technology into the applications.