System solutions

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Capturing your needs

So you have a project that needs hydraulic controls for speed, maybe a compact manifold assembly for pressure, flow, or motion control… you even need an electrical way of making all this happen in the right order, right timing and at the right amount…now what?

Well Wandfluh can help, we will work with you to understand the operational parameters you need to differentiate, maximize and protect your application from your competition and then work on solutions that fit your technical specification, operational limits and budget so that the next step will be to get prototypes ordered and start the process to go from development to market release.

How we do this

Once you have an idea, concept or vision of what you need, contact us through your regional sales manager or directly through our Illinois customer service. Once that’s done, we organize an initial round-table project review meeting with our team and ours to work through the basic details, get an action list together and start mutually working on the solution ideas until we arrive as a design that we agree to prototype.

Depending on the circumstances, we may give you the option of using one of our authorized Wandfluh sales channels in your area who we feel maybe better suited to manage your project than we are, making sure you always get the best resource available.

Whether Wandfluh or our sales channel comes up with the final design, we can supply as much of the project as you need from just the valves and electronics to complete pre-assembled integrated package manifolds ready to use.

Customer service and resources

Our Regional sales managers and customer service team are here to help you work with us. Once they bring your project to us, we assign an Engineer to you who will manage the solution and whose responsibility it is to keep you and your RSM current with the progress so we can make informed decisions as to next steps and critical choices as we move towards release.